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Everybody loves the sun. Our beloved sun gives you positive energy and makes you feel relaxed. The sun makes people feel happy and joyful. This is because the sun creates endorphins, also known as ‘lucky hormones’. It’s a substance produced by the body which gives an analgesic effect. It also gives you a feeling of happiness and joy, more energy and a relaxed feeling. The sun also has a positive effect on our immune system and contributes to good health. Sunlight is very important for children. The sun creates vitamin D, which is very essential especially for growing children. Vitamin D contributes to the growth of young bones. Lastly, we also get a nice tan and that makes us look and feel more beautiful. Thank you sun!

But, too much of anything is not good for you. An overload of sunrays can be harmful for your skin. UV radiation is the invisible radiation of the sun and has nothing to do with the temperature. These rays can cause skin burns, skin ageing and skin diseases. UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet radiation. It literally means: beyond the violet. An explicit reference to the wave length of the shadow. An excess of UV rays is therefore harmful for the skin. UV rays are the most preventable main cause of skin cancer. 

Especially children are high sensitive when it comes to UV rays. Research shows that children who burn there skin at a young age, have an increased risk on skin cancer at a later age. Therefore it’s important to let them enjoy the sun and to give them good protection at the same time by using sunblock lotion and UV clothing with protection factor 50+. A regular t-shirt does not provide sufficient protection, the protection factor is only between 5 and 15. The UV polo shirts of Seabass protects you with factor 50 and blocks 98% of all UV rays. It protects you against skin burn, skin ageing and skin diseases. The UV polo shirts of Seabass is breathable and suitable for swimming because it’s waterproof and fast dry. Make sure you always pack at least one UV polo shirt when you go on a summer holiday! And last but not least, when you’re on holiday, it’s your ultimate time to shine, so make sure you look absolutely stunning!