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handmade and fairtrade

Our collections are carefully and honestly handmade in Portugal. The entire chain is based on fair trade production. All our items are environmentally friendly, produced fairly and free of child labour.

Our friends in Portugal ensure that the environmental impact of their operations is responsible, transparent and they always continue to look for opportunities to improve. They expect their partners, garments, textiles manufacturers, laundry, and dyeing specialists to provide proof of responsible and environmentally friendly behaviour. In the interest of their genuine concern with environmental issues, they have introduced internal procedures and policies of environmental responsibility, which ensure limited use of plastics, reduced consumption of water, installation of LED, T-5, and CFL lighting, and the recycling of paper and cardboard. We will continue to maintain our social responsibility and values regarding sustainability on ongoing basis.

SEABASS is committed to fair trade production

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

SEABASS creates high quality swimwear with UV protection to enjoy sunny days safely, comfortable and in style. Throughout our entire process we pay special attention to our everybody’s safety and comfort, building and maintaining relationships with our trusted partners and a highly sustainable and fairtrade production.